My forced bi sessions are getting almost as many enquiries as all of my other fetishes put together – you kinky debauched bunch!  So this page shall be entirely for anything related to my forced bi sessions and services, and of course my forced bi sub(s).

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I was ordered to appear for a briefing before my fellow slave arrived and Mistress explained how I would be helping her. I was told to strip and wait for slave’s arrival. Mistress Candy was also present to record what occurred and our first job was to pose naked and masked for photos with Mistress Nichol.

Mistress then began her torment of the slave using electrics. My role was first to stroke him and then to take his cock in my mouth. At first, it was rather flaccid from the pain it had been receiving, but I soon felt it grow and harden as I licked and sucked it, taking it right to the back of my throat. From the pleasurable moans, I gathered that slave appreciated my ministrations The only disappointment was that Mistress forbade me from finishing him off as she wanted him hard for his needle play. I was then dismissed as she completed his session.

Maybe you could be the first one that Mistress forces me to take to orgasm, shooting your spunk down my throat. Perhaps she’ll order me to bend over while you fuck me. She could have me dressed as a TV slut to service you. She might even reverse both these roles and make you suck my cock before I fuck you. In your case, Mistress will discuss your desires and limits with you beforehand. In my case, I will have no choice but to do as my Mistress and Owner commands me.

The above extract was written by my bi-slave “Slave J” after his initiation session with me and my long-term sub, Sub A.  Whilst he has performed Forced Bi many times in the past, this was his first time for me.  And exactly as I imagined.. he did a rather sterling job!  I cannot wait to let him loose on YOU!!

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