At this present moment in time, it seems that the payment systems for mine and many other Mistress's websites isn't working as it should, and as a consequence, we are unable to accept any payments directly through our websites.

This is also affecting the Members area of the website, the video clips section (as payment for these cannot be taken at present) and the all important Tribute section, meaning you are unable to tribute me at this moment in time via my website.

This issue has been ongoing for some time now and whilst it was sorted out a couple of months ago, it seems that without me actually realising it until just last week, the system is currently down again.

We have been assured that this IS only temporary and the techies at Sunkat studios who manage the financial components of our websites are beavering away avidly to try to rectify this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you will find below my bank account information for those of you who wish to make a tribute gift payment to me, or to be used if you wish to pay a deposit for your session time with me at my Leigh dungeon chambers.

See you all very soon my darlings

MsN x



Account Number:  55177227
Sort Code:  40 09 00

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Whatever the reason, rest assured it shall reach me instantly and within moments, I shall be indulging in my favourite hobby – spending YOUR money!

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